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The Last Cockbender

It's going to be a giant massive pile of outrageously huge and incredibly offensive mastadon leavings. M. Night has taken a script and brutalised it into an abused and longing-for-death victim that barely remembers the good old days when it was still a cartoon that had plot, substance and meaning. The massive amounts of whitewash upon its walls doesn't help any, either. It looks like a fan movie made in someone's basement by a bunch of 14-year-old white girls asking their big brothers and neighbours and relatives to help out, and the special effects look like something out of Mario Paint.

Feeling this way does not make me any less of a fan of A:TLA. To me, this is not A:TLA anymore, but some kind of genetic mutation made out of similar cells that were meant to be cloned but instead were tweaked into a weapon designed to destroy any form of awesome from the franchise. WAY TO GO!

Old Dead Guys' Fanfic

I have recently become an athiest. Does this mean I have eschewed all spirituality? No. I don't believe in god, and I don't believe in religion. I don't believe in an afterlife, and I don't think we're placed on giant scales throughout our lives. In fact, the only thing I seem to believe in that doesn't make any sense is reincarnation, and I don't even know why, but it's something that doesn't seem to want to die, so whatever.

I have been patient with religious people all of my life. I have put up with the sexism, the ridiculous rules, the segregation of classes and skin tones and sexes, the ridiculous rules that make no sense and the blatant racism that each religion subscribes to as a right of passage. I have been respectful of people and their beliefs, to the point of being nice and kind and listening to them, all while my mind is screaming, "ARE YOU INSANE, DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF AT ALL?"

Well, tonight, I have decided to FUCK THAT SHIT.

Why? Because I can't respect people who follow religions anymore. I can't respect anyone who bases their way of life from some absolutely BENIGN and DISGUSTING text written by deluded and racist assholes bent on ruling other people with the cloak of their mightly "faith". This goes for ALL religions, people. Every single time I hear someone chastising me for being godless, I wonder what the hell kind of crack they're on, especially when they state that I don't know how to be good or kind or just because of it. I mean, hello? Have any of you fucking read the little self-insert fanfiction you call the Holy Bible? Or the Quran? The Torah, the Bagavad Gita, the Dhamapada? And I mean READ IT ALL, from BACK TO FRONT? Most of these people claim to follow the "good book", only to be ignorant to the fact that 90% of it is based upon racism, sexism, and all-out brutalism. (Thou shalt not kill? Does anyone even realise that Moses meant only JEWS, and not EVERYONE?)

So no. FUCK YOU. I'm NOT going to respect your fucked up, backward ways anymore. You want to show up in a burka and show me ID? Fucking take the burka off, man in the room or not. You want me to work your Sunday because you're Christian? Talk to the manager and fix your own schedule. You don't want me touching your credit card because your religion forbids any woman touching your property? I'm sticking it in my motherfucking BRA. And WOE to ANYONE who tries to stop me. BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL FUCKING NUTS.


For decades everyone has been bitching and moaning about the healthcare in the US, and now that it's changed, suddenly it's the end of the world? From what I can tell (and please correct me if I'm wrong on this), the US healthcare will now be VERY similar to the Canadian way of things. AND WE HAVE HAD THIS KIND FOR AGES. DO WE LOOK DEAD TO YOU? Granted, there are alot of problems with it, but for the most part, I can count on my Health Card ensuring me treatment even if I'm broke. SO WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM, AMERICA?! DO YOU NOT LIKE NICE THINGS?!

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Date: 2010-03-27 04:07 pm (UTC)
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Most people who belong to religions possess a kind of innate ability to make another person feel inadequate and terrible about themselves if they are not religious, even if they are Buddhist. They see those who have no religion as unenlightened, backwards, and someone to be pitied. There are of course exceptions, and I acknowledge that, but I was raised Roman-Catholic and I know what I'm talking about.

You're right; people keep their religious beliefs because it's all they know. It's easy: they don't have to think or question or learn for themselves - all they have to do is listen to what the leaders of their religion says and they're fine, they're good, and they're doing "the right thing". Except it's utterly ignorant and keeps thousands of people stupid for the sake of control.

The creation of demons is all a religion is good for. They perpetuate this arcane and inexplicably ancient belief that bad things happen because of demons or how we do things or whatnot, instead of just accepting that bad things happen and that's that. Religions go so far as to give sins to babies or blame a child's disability on some transgression from a previous life. That's not right.

You're right, people have a choice. So why do people choose to continue to be manipulated and dominated by something that doesn't make sense? Because, like you said, it's easy. Why think freely and question everything when someone can just tell you?

Are you saying I don't understand how to respect differences? I do; I respect different cultures and backgrounds. I just do not respect the reverence that religions get in this day and age. If people follow them, whatever - keep it in the places of worship. I don't have to kowtow to you and your beliefs because of it. I can respect that religion has shaped several cultures, but I don't have to respect that religion itself.


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