Jul. 6th, 2009 02:38 pm
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I'm still alive.

I am still full of horrible rage with no one or no thing to spend it on.

There is nothing more that I would like than to live in a world that I can explore freely without people thinking I'm some sort of trespasser.

I want adventure.

I thought about taking karate. Is that weird?

People are really stupid and rude. But so am I. I guess I'm no better.

Bored now. Bai.


Jun. 22nd, 2009 11:10 am
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France considers saying no to the burka.

And I say, good for them. People say that France is pretty snobby and stuffy, old-fashioned and backward, but they're the only country that sees the burka for what it is: not a symbol of religious piety, but of sexual oppression.


EDIT: OMG wait a second. Wait a SECOND. If France starts to crack down on women wearing the burka, wouldn't that also be a form of oppression, which is what they're claiming the burka to be? DOESN'T THAT MAKE THEM HYPOCRITES?! OOOOOOOOOOOH.
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Swine Flu Pandemic is declared.

And yet, I have yet to meet or know anyone personally who has been afflicted with this. But, hey, what the fuck do I know, right?


May. 25th, 2009 09:57 am
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Sometimes I wish I could speak in different languages so that I could convey my feelings better.

But alls I've gots is gibberish.

Have you ever wondered if you're meant to be someone's partner? Sometimes I wonder if I'm better on my own. Aren't people usually stronger on their own? Besides, ask my mother and sisters; I'm not exactly a cupcake to live with.

I could go for a cupcake right now, actually.


May. 19th, 2009 01:44 pm
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Get bent, you stupid fucking hypocrite.

I may hold grudges.

I may not be a very nice person.

But at least I don't pretend to have integrity while being a complete asshole.

At least I don't pretend to give a shit about people when it's obvious that it's your way or no way.

And, the most damning, at least when the going gets tough, at least I don't abandon my friends like a sack of shit for the person I'm fucking.

So yes, I laugh at you, alot, when you claim that friendship "friends look out for each other, help each other when they're down," and that "friends can fight, just like couples fight in a relationship, no matter how compatible they are with each other[...]What makes those relatsionships [sic] and friendships strong is how they get through those hard times together and can come out on top for the better."

You have no fucking idea. I may gnaw at old bones, but at least I'm not a fucking two-faced hypocrite like you.

There, I feel better now.
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Why should I give a shit about YOU if you don't give a shit about ME?

Why should I pretend to forgive YOU if you keep on rubbing my nose in it?

Why should I believe in a god that wants nothing to do with me?

Why should I subject myself to delusion in order to attempt to feel more human?

Why would I want to feel human when being humane is the minority of things?

Why should I care?

Why should I be here?

Who would miss me?

I wouldn't!

I've tried to get on some spiritual boots. I've tired to see if there was some way to find a nice spiritual hat that fits my tiny head. All of them are either too tight, fall over my eyes, or make me want to rip said hat into shreds. I'm just not MEANT to have a spirituality. Does this mean I have no soul?

Would that be so surprising if I had no soul?

Do I really want to be associated with other people of the same banner who are COMPLETELY INSANE?

Is it easier to be apathetic and atheistic, or far, far harder, because you have no one to blame for your problems but yourself?

I'm so sick of people judging me all the time. I'm sick of strangers, usually idiotic kids, who look at me and find me an object solely existing for their own purpose: to torment and humiliate. And when I retaliate, I'M the bad guy.

I'm tired of being wronged and then being viewed, eternally, as the bad guy.

I'm tired of putting my heart out there only to have it blown up.

It makes me sick when people who speak of forgiveness, love, and friendship only SPEAK of it, and they never put it into practice, and yet they STILL get what they want, and I'm nothing but honest and get nothing.

I haven't been this willing to fling myself into a lake in a long, long, time. Only this time the enemy isn't myself. It's everyone.

Um, okay

May. 10th, 2009 09:44 pm
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I was harrassed to update, so here we go.

I'm still pissed off about my job and how much it sucks big cock.

I'm still pissed off that I'm called "sir".

I'm currently pissed off about the Gardener Expressway being blocked off by morons.

I'm full of trepidation over past and present relationships.

I have no idea where I'm going.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

I might as well shoot myself already.

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First of all, I fucking hate this stupid city. I walk to work, and for the past week, I have done nothing but beef up my calves with my walking, as no one in this fucking city knows how to plow sidewalks. I understand how the roads come first, after three days and no change? Inexcusable.

Second of all, I fucking hate my stupid head. I practically passed out last night from pain, and today I have the shakes and some nausea, albeit with a faint tinge of ache. I probably have cancer. Hurrah.

Last of all, while I know I'm a fucking bitch, when I haven't DONE anything wrong in the past couple of days and still get publicly castigated for something that happened months ago, I GET FUCKING PISSED OFF. ESPECIALLY when I did EVERYTHING THAT FUCKING INSTIGATOR WANTED. I LEAVE them BOTH alone. I MOVE on with my life. And my reward? Always being slighted, publicly, FOR DOING NOTHING. Or rather, FOR LEAVING SAID INSTIGATOR ALONE. And the fucking idiot had the NERVE to not only ignore my request to leave me alone, but to DELETE the evidence that I asked.

You have a problem with me, YOU SAY IT TO MY FUCKING FACE. Otherwise, you're a fucking idiotic coward, trying to pick fights over bullshit that is DEAD, BURIED AND DECAYED.

Fucking losers everywhere, Jesus Christ.
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So let me get this straight.

Dion decides it would be fun to, despite resigning right after the initial election, fumigate and stench up the entire Senate with his coalition ideas, and then once it's at its climax, not only does he reinforce his own self-exile, he also leaves two morons in his wake?

And so now we have to pick up the pieces of said stench-blast?

And wow, look at our choices! An old has-been former NDP premier who practically raped Ontario health care, and a douchebag who rigs elections with dead people's votes!

This is so retarded. Why is Dion allowed to even talk? The one time he grows balls is the one time that he was better off a eunuch.


Dec. 3rd, 2008 09:03 am
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LOOK, I KNOW that alot of people are pissed off about the Conservatives taking office, and YES, it's a minority government.


We are coming in on a RECESSION, which, because of the decline of the Big Three, may very well end up as a depression. We do NOT need to play Musical Politicians right now!

Like it or not, no matter how small the margin, HARPER WAS ELECTED.


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I'm not going to say a fucking thing about the US Election, except for this sentence, because everyone else has already said it.

Instead, I'm going to bitch about hair.

My hair specifically, and hair in general as well.

I want to ask the whole world why, in this day and age, people still think that men have to have short hair and women have to have long hair.


Because either way, when it comes down to it, it all depends on the person. It depends on facial structure and the type hair they have. Those are key elements in style selection. It shouldn't be gender specific, because alot of men look retarded with short hair, and alot of women look horrible with long hair.

(Aren't we lucky that we have that kind of freedom and variety, by the way? You can throw a stone and hit a salon, but if you go back even 500 years, you wouldn't be able to so much as run for an hour and find one.)

I can certainly understand the appeal behind having long, long hair. It's shiny, luxurious, and associated with femininity. But that's only if you take care of it. And it's a nightmare to take care of it you don't have an hour every morning to do so.

You have to wash long hair, remember? And you have to use alot of shampoo in order to get it clean. And then the brushing. One gust of wind is enough to knot long hair into a bird's nest from hell. And combing out knots really HURTS. Plus, it's hot, heavy, gets into your eyes, and tends to get greasy really fast. And don't get me started on styling it.

Maybe you're lucky, and you have that kind of time, patience, and devotion to something like that, but I do NOT.

Most of you have only known me with short hair, and thus may have a hard time accepting that I know what the hell I am talking about, but I do. Over the years, I've tried to grow my hair out a thousand times, and each time it fails. The only plus side I see is the money factor, whereas it's cheaper because of the haircuts, but then, I wonder if I would be spending that money saved on haircare products?

I know I look cuter and more girly with long hair, and I accept that. But I still prefer having short hair, and I don't accept being called "sir" or being TOLD I should grow my hair out by total strangers. Mind your own fucking business. And anyways, who decided that long hair is feminine anyways? I've met alot of women with long hair and they STILL look like men, and I've met (and am related to) women with really short hair, and it emphasizes their feminine sides.

So I don't need to hear it anymore. YES, I look stupid with short hair. YES, I know I'm too fat to have it, and it emphasizes my scary, manly face, but it's easy to deal with and I'm too lazy to deal with my hair as a chore. It's dead. Why should I care too much about it?

Although, in saying that, I really do. I want to look cute and pretty. Oh well. I can't have it all, can I?

Whatever, fuck you.
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I really hate strategic voting.

Voting "the lesser of two evils" has got to be the stupidest thing in the world. It's like, you're not even voting for what you believe it, you're only doing it so that the guy you DON'T like won't get it. And when the evil guy DOES get in, you've wasted your vote ANYWAYS.

If you're going to strategiccally vote, don't vote at all. If anything, it'll help get someone else who deserves it into the door. Otherwise, you're just a stupid fucker who has no principles.


Sep. 6th, 2008 12:56 pm
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This rant is dedicated to my lovely [livejournal.com profile] littlelippy.

I am starting to hate the TV. Honestly. I see beautiful women like Queen Latifah advertising for fucking weight loss programs and I want to bite their faces. While I more or less support Queen Latfah's message (that is, to get healthier), it's obvious that it's not why she's doing it. WW threw tons of money at her an dnow she's their whore, just like Kirsty Alley.

Kirsty Alley actually wanted to FIGHT the stereotype that only chubby men, and not chubby women, could succeed in Hollywood. She created and starred in Fat Actress, which was actually pretty good, but then she abandoned it all, probably because she wasn't liking what the tabloids said about her ankles.

I mean, give me a break. I know why I am fat. I like to eat rich and junky foods, mostly. The deep issue, as well, is, if you dig deep enough, I'm afraid to become hungry.

When I was 13, my step-dad left us in debt, and so we were...kinda poor. Not enough to worry about STARVING or anything. Mom was always good to us, and we ALWAYS had three good and healthy meals, and we NEVER were hungry. But I worried about it. Alot.

That's one factor.

The other factor was that when I was 17, I COULDN't eat for some reason. My stomach simply rejected everything I ate. All I could injest was liquids, and I got really skinny really fast. This was also the year I attacked my ankles and went on meds. It eventually got better and I could eat again, but it stuck in my head for a long time.

But both situations scared the shit out of me, and as soon as I got a job, I started to feed myself, and I made sure I didn't get hungry. I eat big portions, and if I feel even the slightest hungry, I get really uncomfortable and I eat. So THAT is why I am fat. IT'S BECAUSE I AM MENTAL.

Hearing people say to me that I'm not a real woman because I don't have a smaller body, or that I should stop eating McDonalds, or that I'm a fat cow and will die a virgin (OOPS SRY TOO LATE TRY AGAIN LTR) makes me really, really pissed off, and I just want to kick those people in the face.

I don't blame ANYONE but myself for being fat. But I do blame people's stupidity on society. It's like, fuck off. A boy with extra weight is cuddly and cute, but a girl is a fat cow and is letting herself go?


Yeah, sometimes I wish I had a body like Lina Inverse, but I don't. I have a body like ME. As long as I'm not in danger of a heart attack, I don't care. So fuck off.
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It took me a while, but it occurred to finally why Harper is calling an election in October.



WHY is Harper America's whore? Every time I see him I want to slap him. He lets McGuinty assrape Ontario and does nothing to stop it, because he's so busy pimping up Alberta.

And YES, while I understand that the farmers need support, and I AM NOT SUGGESTING TO HALT THIS, hey, ONTARIO HAS FARMERS TOO. Not just Alberta. Ontario, and every other province too!

The sad thing is? The Conservatives have the lead, which means we may be looking at a majority government.




Aug. 25th, 2008 09:48 pm
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White people.

White people are fucking retards.

Here's why.

They (we?) are always claiming that they're the superior race. They'll kill and murder millions of people for their own "superiority", stating that they're the perfect race.

But here are the facts.

White people are not superior.

They are inferior.

And stupid.

If you take an interracial couple, say, a white person and a black person, and they have a baby, the baby is going to be BLACK.

Granted, it'll be a light black. But it will be black all the same!

Same thing with white and Indian, white and Asian, ect....The so-called "minority" genes will be the dominant, and the white genes will be flushed.


White people are stupid.

In actuality, white people are every other race's bitches. Soon, we will be exinct from interracial marriages and breeding.


The end.
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I haven't trolled in a while.

Could it be that I've grown up?
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Look, customers.

I get that you're pissed off that the American dollar is par with the Canadian and you're still paying the higher Canadian prices on books.

I get your pain.

I really do.

If it were me, I'd be kinda pissed too.

I guess.

But let me try and get something through your tiny little brains:


Jesus Christ. It's not like I'm running into the back room and changing the prices to something higher to FUCK YOU. It's called RUNNING A BUSINESS. We're a SMALL STORE. We can't afford to "price match" the stupid American prices. So fuck off. Go to Zellers or Price Chopper or something bullshitted and cocksucking. Anything to be rid of your social incontinence.

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Dear Quebec,

Why did you declare that if a woman who showed up to your election dressed in the hijab that they would not be able to vote?

Do you realise how this makes you look?

Do you realise how unfair this is?

You obviously do not respect Muslim women at all. You stated that a woman in hijab could not show up to vote unless she took her veils off, but did you offer her the guarentee that she would not be seen by a man? No. You basically said that any woman who shows up veiled cannot vote.

You stripped these women of their civil rights without even giving them an option. While I understand that you need a proper ID process when it comes to voting, the way you failed to provide options for these women is disgusting.

You are discriminating against Canadian women. They may be Muslim, but they are Canadians, and by law have a right to vote, whether in veils or not.

You fucked up, Quebec. Big time. I hope you realise that and get your act together.

I also hope that Muslim women get the picture: That you do not welcome them at all.


A pissed off white person who does not wear veils.
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I tire of the World Cup.

Living in Canada, you see alot of diversity with cultures. I haven't a problem with that one bit.

It's when we separate ourselves, forgetting who we are, why we are here, now, in Canada, that I have a problem with.

Decking out your house and your car with flags from your home country would make sense, if, A/ you were still there, or B/ if it had a greater meaning.

But you aren't, and it doesn't. You flag-bearers make yourselves out to be the bridge of cultural diversity. After all, you're showing off your home country's flag, so you have to be open-minded, right? Except the only time you people do it is during a stupid sporting event. And all it does is separate everyone in this country.

Not once did I see any Canadian flags hung on cars today. How pathetic is that?

It's fucking SOCCER, people. Get lives.


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