omoni: (Lol fandom)
2009-08-26 01:09 pm

....the hell?

I'm all for adults enjoying things in the media that are designed for younger than themselves, That's cool, and allows adults to get new and interesting viewpoints and the like on things that were once looked at from one way only. It's refreshing to watch something designed for kids as an adult, because you can still enjoy it while recognising a deeper understanding in it.

But what is up with these same adults wanting to always pair these damned kids off on eachother?

Canon romance is one thing, because if it's been done on screen, it's hard to negate. But when it's done for the sake of whims or perversion or whatever, and when people get so up and angry about differing point of views, even though it really doesn't matter...

What is UP with that?

I can understand wanting to engage in such things with adult eyes, but it's pretty silly to forget the target audience. It's also silly to get so mad over something that no one can change anyways..

In short, I do not get it, and I do not WANT. Stay away from me.