Jan. 30th, 2009

omoni: (Bitchslap)
First of all, I fucking hate this stupid city. I walk to work, and for the past week, I have done nothing but beef up my calves with my walking, as no one in this fucking city knows how to plow sidewalks. I understand how the roads come first, after three days and no change? Inexcusable.

Second of all, I fucking hate my stupid head. I practically passed out last night from pain, and today I have the shakes and some nausea, albeit with a faint tinge of ache. I probably have cancer. Hurrah.

Last of all, while I know I'm a fucking bitch, when I haven't DONE anything wrong in the past couple of days and still get publicly castigated for something that happened months ago, I GET FUCKING PISSED OFF. ESPECIALLY when I did EVERYTHING THAT FUCKING INSTIGATOR WANTED. I LEAVE them BOTH alone. I MOVE on with my life. And my reward? Always being slighted, publicly, FOR DOING NOTHING. Or rather, FOR LEAVING SAID INSTIGATOR ALONE. And the fucking idiot had the NERVE to not only ignore my request to leave me alone, but to DELETE the evidence that I asked.

You have a problem with me, YOU SAY IT TO MY FUCKING FACE. Otherwise, you're a fucking idiotic coward, trying to pick fights over bullshit that is DEAD, BURIED AND DECAYED.

Fucking losers everywhere, Jesus Christ.


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